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10/15/2016 12:30 PM - 03:30 PM
RIMAC - Activity Room 3
PLEASE NOTE: DATE CHANGE TO SATURDAY OCTOBER 15TH. Often, we are taught to adjust in our teacher trainings or come from traditions that emphasize physical adjustments. However, a large number of yoga teachers and students report being hurt from a physical adjustment and often these types of adjustments don’t work for many students. This 3 hour workshop we’ll discuss liability issues, trauma informed teaching, and modifications and language that help keep your classes an open, inviting experience for all students. CEC Credits through Yoga Alliance available for this class. Preregistration required. All participants must be registered to attend, no passes accepted.
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09/28/2016 05:30 PM - 07:00 PM
RIMAC - Activity Room 3
There are many types and styles of yoga, but which one works for you? Led by our Yoga and Meditation Coordinator Jennie Olson Six, students will be given the chance to ask questions and experience some of the practices of yoga in an open, supportive experience. Come enjoy an introduction to the practices of yoga and meditation in an easy, experiential process. This workshop is Free for students, preregistration required. Yoga mats not necessary but they can be purchased at the Equipment Room at RIMAC for $20.00 All participants must be registered to attend, no passes accepted.
11/19/2016 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Barbara ROMERO
RIMAC - 4th Floor Conference Room
Bring a friend, roommate or partner to this workshop where you will give and receive a massage under Barbara’s skillful instruction. No experience necessary and pricing is for (2) people. Preregistration required. No passes accepted. This registration is for (2) people. All participants will be required to fill out and sign a waiver the day of the event.
TUE 05:30 PM - 06:45 PM, 11/01/2016 - 11/29/2016
RIMAC - 4th Floor Conference Room
For those new to meditation or those who have a regular practice, this workshop will give participants a sampling of different techniques under the skillful wisdom of a Master level teacher. Phyllis has studied under world renouned Master Yoga and Meditation teachers such as Thich Nhat Han, Shizen Young, BKS Iyengar and H.H. the Dali Lama. Her full bio can be found on her website. ***First Class meeting is in the Dugout located in the RIMAC Annex next to RIMAC. ***Subsequent meetings will be in the 4th Floor Conference Room. All participants must be registered to attend, no passes accepted.
11/12/2016 12:30 PM - 03:30 PM
RIMAC Wellness Studio
Today, scientists are unlocking the mysteries of meditation. Each stage of the practice yields a specific benefit. The combined benefits are multiplied as we practice consistently over time. Yet within just a few minutes, we begin to perceive meditation's feel good effects. Join Vou Athens for this 3-hour meditation immersion incorporating gentle yoga in which you will experience the serenity, clarity and renewed sense of well-being the practice brings. We’ll finish our session with some tea! Please wear some comfortable clothes that will cover you even if you’re upside down, bring a blanket and/or pillow and save a tree and bring a coffee mug. All participants must be registered to attend, no passes accepted. *** This workshop will be held in the Wellness Classroom, across from the Wellness Studio in RIMAC.
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